The starting point for organizational design is a robust business strategy. It sets the change direction and guides toward the next maturity step on the digital ladder, aligning operational model and talent development with requirements for continuous enterprise process improvement. For a change strategy to be successful, an organization needs to define an effective operational structure with the relevant roles and responsibilities required to undertake the required business change, concurrently to implementing enabling technologies or plaforms. 

Our combined consulting and thought leadership service portfolio leverages delivery leadership with a proven set of tools and frameworks which contribute to architecting and delivering IT-enabled business change initiatives. Organizational culture change can't be planned; success typically translates from continuous strategy, capabilities and culture convergence.


Xlifecycle Ltd provides operational, project-based consultancy in various leadership roles, such as program lead, business change director, master data governance architect (toolset agnostic), strategy consultant, executive / CxO advisor on organizational design, technology selection, business-led enterprise business change and enterprise platform implementation.


Consulting services


Enabling digital continuity with robust data and IT modernization strategies, including technology selection


Improving master data governance, integration, architecture & process alignment re-engineering


Driving change roadmap and skill alignment, business initiative justification and benefit realization


Leading solution delivery & deployment; from vendor and partner selection to service transition

What we do

• Business case definition, incl. TCO
• xLM health-check
• Business change initiation
• Digital transformation roadmap
• Delivery office / PMO service initiation
• Technology benchmarking planning
• Technology vendor selection
• RFP initiation and execution (customer side)
• Supplier-partner / System Integrator selection
• RFP bid and response leadership (supplier side)
• Procurement / commercials / negotiations
• Continuous improvement portfolio coordination
• Delivery and technical leadership
• Business change and management consulting
• Application maintenance and decommissioning strategies
• IT / OT / DevOps / ITIL framework implementation
• CxO advisory
• xLM coaching and education
• Digital thread / digital twin strategies
• Enterprise integration and micro-services planning
• Solution and data architecture
• Organizational change management
• NPI framework improvement
• Knowledge management
• PDM / CAx data management strategies
• xBOM and enterprise change management
• Business process improvement


Thought leadership services


Developing meaningful industry body of knowledge and purposeful business capabilities and artefacts


Improving “X” lifecycle integration across the PLM-ALM-SLM-ERP-CRM-MES technology stack


Compiling technology trend, business insights, capability and digital maturity assessment

Xlifecycle Ltd provides thought leadership services on digital transformation and enterprise solutions, including (albeit not limited to) data management strategies across the PLM+ERP+MES+CRM stack —  the four cornerstones​ of manufacturing. These involve the development of bespoke customer publications which can be designed to inform and educate about the complex choices that leaders and technologists face — in digitalisation, business transformation, IT modernisation, master data management strategy, enterprise data integration, operations, governance, organisational change management and other technical and business domains — and the impacts of their decisions.

The digital transformation continuum:
understanding the lifecycle of things

Who we are

Xlifecycle Ltd helps organizations ADAPT to change, ADOPT new digital continuity solutions, and TRANSFORM their operating models — by making the most of enterprise platforms, aligning operating practices and people to realize value from digitization and IT modernization.

Lionel (Lio) Grealou

Founder, Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Lio is an Independent Consultant and Business Transformation Director with Xlifecycle Ltd  helping organizations make the most of their digital strategies, PLM-ERP-CRM-MES implementations and business change driven initiatives.

With 20+ years of industry experience working in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, and currently operating from the United Kingdom, Lio was instrumental in architecting and leading concurrent engagement teams (300-350 consultants and senior managers) — delivering technology-enabled business change initiatives for engineering and manufacturing OEMs and their supply chain. He initiated and led global client engagements, from small to multi-millions USD initiatives, covering solution architecture, program management / PMO, integration, deployment and operations — often starting with leading bid responses through RFx and commercial proposals. He is a seasonned leader with proven ability to operate across functions and in various roles: from business architect, strategist, business development manager, to business unit head or general manager.

Open-minded, Lio constantly seeks to reinvent himself, proactively bring new perspectives, focusing on creating value for customers, partners, employees and shareholders. He enjoys travelling, leveraging his passion for good wine and cheese, practicing his language skills and improving his fluency in English, French, Japanese and even perhaps German 🙂

In his own time, Lio is blogging about the lifecycle of things and all things digital — with hundreds of thought leadership articles published, some of which attracted over 15,000 readers.

virtual+digital blog

Just as a Swiss Army Knife offers a multitude of tool choices, so does a deep understanding of organizational change strategies coupled with solution architecture, program delivery leadership and vendor management, providing clients with a range of techniques to progress their sustainability initiatives. The breadth and depth of Lio's business and technical team management experience with various industry sectors offers much to draw upon and from which to learn.

Lio is obsessed with having fun at work, interacting with interesting people, building customer trusted advisory relationships, giving straightforward and honest opinions, and closing the door behind him and his team with value realized before moving on to the next challenge.

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Xlifecycle Ltd helps organizations go beyond the initial phase of proving the business case for change, but also overcome enterprise platform implementation challenges and progress to a phase of sustainable deployment and adoption. Our consultants are able to travel globally, contributing in various capacities, coaching and leadership roles to support client engagements and enable their respective technology-enabled change initiatives.

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